Kirael: the Great Shift by Fred Sterling

Kirael: the Great Shift by Fred Sterling

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"Speaking through author Reverend Fred Sterling, Kirael says, "Some may feel this is the end of the world. However, let me assure you that Mother Earth will be here for a long time to come, though maybe not as you recognize Her today." The book Kirael: The Great Shift, is all about change and about understanding that the changes that are taking place need not cause fear. "People need to adjust now, specifically, to reawaken into the feeling of love and realize that without it, there is little chance of avoiding the real chaos," says Kirael.

Atlantis, Lemuria, Three Days of Darkness, ET's, UFO's, Soul Evolution, Photon Energy, Angelic Realm, Christ Consciousness and much, much more: these are the backdrop to the most amazing, the most profound evolutionary event in human history--the Great Shift. Kirael says, "

Kirael states, "The world as you recognize it today is coming to an end, only to be replaced by a world that is beyond your wildest expectations." With Truth, Trust and Passion, Kirael skillfully guides you on the most fascinating journey of all time - the love, healing and triumphant ascension of Self and Mother Earth."

Softcover, minor wear, binding tight, pages lightly tanning, a very nice copy!