What Your Face Reveals: Chinese Secrets of Face Reading by Henry B. Lin

What Your Face Reveals: Chinese Secrets of Face Reading by Henry B. Lin

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"What Your Face Reveals explains the ancient oriental science of face reading. Using over 150 illustrations and photos, you'll be able to read faces in no time. At first, you might not think that this is a very practical skill. But here are some examples and a closer look:

·A broad, smooth forehead indicates a smooth, happy childhood, high intelligence, and a good imagination
·Thick, orderly eyebrows show a strong personality, sensitivity to social justice, and good health
·Long, gracefully curved eyes reveal a kind person who will succeed in his or her career
·Round cheekbones show an independent thinker whose opinions will be respected
·An upright nose with a round tip signifies above-average earning ability
·A large, beautifully upturned mouth reveals an emotionally charged personality, coupled with strong vitality and sympathy

Hundreds more tips and techniques will allow you to easily use this ancient Chinese form of divination. It will enable you to determine what the future holds in the areas of wealth, love, career success, health, and family life for yourself, your loved ones, and even complete strangers. What Your Face Reveals is the book you need to get now."

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